Watch: The World We Leave Behind: ​an online webinar on our legacy

Sunday 7 June | 10:30am - 12pm Noon AEST
These are uncertain times and we have challenges never faced by generations before us.
But we still have to ask what legacy do we, as individuals, as a community, as a nation, want to leave our children.
In this thought provoking online and interactive webinar we will cover aspects such as faith, the environment and social justice.

The webinar is being organised with the support of: The Islamic Foundation for Education & Welfare (IFEW) & Australasian Muslim Times (AMUST)


Dr Zuleyha Keskin

Zuleyha is the Course Director at the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation, Charles Sturt University. 

Imam Adama Konda

Imam Adama Konda is the Imam at Canberra Islamic Centre and a teacher at the Islamic School of Canberra.

Rabbi Zalman Kastel AM

Rabbi Kastel is National Director of Together for Humanity.

Senator Mehreen Faruqi

Dr Mehreen Faruqi is the Greens’ senator for New South Wales. She is a civil and environmental engineer and life-long activist for social and environmental justice.

Jihad Dib MP

Jihad Dib is the Labor Member for Lakemba. He is the state’s first lower house Muslim MP in the NSW Parliament and his stated purpose is to ‘make a difference’ in anything he does.

Facilitator: Bassam Maaliki

Bassam Maaliki is the founder of uBelong here. He is a passionate advocate for Multicultural youth and refugees with a commitment to make them feel a sense of belonging in his Community and beyond with his campaign #uBelong.