MEFF. The Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair, is an annual event usually celebrated on the Sunday following Eid-Ul-Fitr. Started in 1985 by the Islamic Foundation for Education and Welfare (IFEW), it is run by the Australian MEFF consortium , a non profit community based organisation.

Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair

Winner of the 2005 Australian Muslim Event of the Year Award

Finalist for the Australian Multicultural Marketing Awards 2014

Finalist for the Australian Muslim Event of the Year Award 2017

Finalist for the Australian Muslim Event of the Year Award 2018

The Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair marks 38 years of celebrations in 2023 at Fairfield Showground. MEFF is the first, largest and longest running Multicultural Eid festival in Australia, being one of the most anticipated events on Sydney’s multicultural calendar. Welcoming tens of thousands of people from over 35 communities, with hundreds of exhibition and food stalls, amazing traditional cultural performances, free entertainment, thrilling rides and the greatest attraction of them all – an Animatronic life-size Baby T-Rex Dinosaur! It is a family fun day for all. Come celebrate Australian Multiculturalism at its best at the 38th anniversary of MEFF! Whatever your taste in shopping, food and entertainment, the Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair is for you, your family and friends!


30 Years

The Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair was started by the late Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad OAM, a Muslim community leader, in 1985 when he noticed that Eid was only celebrated in people’s private homes. Back in his home country, Eid was celebrated in large gatherings and festivals, and he wanted to have the same feelings of celebration with his friends and families. Starting small in the playground of a primary school, The Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair was the first event where Muslims could gather and celebrate Eid in a fun festival atmosphere. Since then, it has grown due to the popularity and support from the Multicultural community. The Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair gets bigger and better every year, continually growing.



Market Stalls include a huge variety of cultural clothing, jewellery, perfumes, interesting books, toys, free show bags. Food Stalls include an array of incredibly delicious turkish, indian, lebanese, japanese, pakistani and so much more! There is gozleme, kebabs, sugar cane juice, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, waffles, coconut drinks, fresh sugar cane juice, fro-yo and best of all, festival food including burgers, hot dogs, pluto pups, snow cones, slushies and fairy floss.



The stage at the Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair invites people of all backgrounds to perform traditional folk dances, cultural songs, plays/dramas, acrobatics, and so much more.



Animatronic Dinosaur

Monster Truck Rides

Thrilling Rides

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, KungFu Panda

Animatronic Pony Rides

Animal Farm

Reptile Show

Photo Booth


Childrens Art Area



Eid-ul-Fitr is the most important annual festival of Muslims celebrated at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Special prayers are offered at various mosques marking the joyous occasion of thanksgiving, socialising and feasting.


Ramadan is the fasting month of contemplation, self-sacrifice, self control and self-discipline as well as development of sensitivity towards the suffering and feeling of fellow human beings.


MEFF is a social event, a showcase of multicultural Australia, an icon of Muslim unity in diversity providing a platform for celebration, tolerance and peace on a grand scale. Muslims from all backgrounds, ethnic communities, mosques and societies gather at MEFF to display their colourful costumes, sumptuous food, songs, folk dances and other displays within the bounds of the Islamic way of life.


How does a simple festival become a statement of identity? The method is through its nature, scale and visibility.

MEFF is BIG: Think big and everyone wants to get in on the act. And active participation is what it’s all about.

MEFF is VISIBLE: MEFF invites all, Muslims and people of other faiths and cultures, to attend. It invites politicians and leaders from all walks of Australian society. It fosters cross-cultural and cross-religious dialogue and goodwill. It invites and receives widespread media coverage. MEFF is there for all to see, participate and enjoy.

MEFF 2004 received the Event of the Year: Australian Muslim Achievement Award 2005 from the Mission of Hope, Australia.