Speech Competition

Who can enter?
Children over the age of 7 and who live in Australia are eligible to join. We have over $500 of prizes to hand out and everyone wins a prize depending on their effort!
Sound Interesting? You can enter the competition just by giving your details, and we will send you more information. You don’t need a speech ready when entering the competition!

Topic: "What is one thing that Muslims Youth should focus on"

What you need to do
1.   Write a  3-5 min Speech on the Topic Given
2.   Prepare & Rehearse the Speech
3.   Record a Video and Upload it to Youtube
4.   Submit your Video Link into the Submission Form by Sunday 28 April 2024
Winners will have the opportunity to perform their speech at the Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair on Sunday 30 April at Fairfield Showground.


Q: What will we get for the prizes?
A: We will be informed closer to the entry date.

Q: What are the winning criteria?
A: We will send it as soon as you enter.

Q: Can I use another person’s speech?
A: The work must be written and presented by you

Good luck and contact us if you have any more questions!
Marking Criteria
This is the marking criteria that will be utilised for the Speech Competition. This is only a small picture but has a majority of the criteria summarised. To explain the criteria we have included a video below that reads out the criteria and provides pointers. To understand how to get more points, also look at the playlist/gallery above.