Rides List

The list of published rides are indicative only and subject to availability and other factors outside the control of Australian MEFF consortium.

Ride NameCoupons for One Ride

Giant Slide2
Cup & Saucer3
Auto Bee3
Go Gator3
Red Baron3
Free Fall4
Ferris Wheel4
Round Up4
Space Roller 5

Rides Deals

All Rides only 1 Coupon! 

Each. Only from 10am-12pm 


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can be used up throughout the day

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How much does it cost for 1 Coupon?

1 Coupon is $2 on the day, however if you take advantage of our 50 Coupons for $50 deal, it comes to $1 for 1 Coupon.

Can I use my 50 coupons between 10am-12pm?

Yes! You can use these coupons during that time and during the whole day.

How many coupons does 1 ride use?

From 10am - 12pm all rides will use 1 coupon each. After 12pm each ride will use 2 - 5 coupons each. See Rides List below.

Do I need to do anything to get the All Rides only 1 coupon deal?

Nope. Just come early on the day and start having fun!

Where do I pickup my Rides coupons from?

Pickup your 50 Coupons for $50 deal from the Main Information Stall