​art exhibition
‘moments in waiting’ is a major new community project led by acclaimed Lebanese-Australian artist Khaled Sabsabi.

The project focuses on the untold stories behind rare objects held by Muslim families in Western Sydney. Working closely in collaboration with Muslim communities and individuals, Sabsabi will unearth the stories behind treasured family objects and their spiritual connections. Sasabi will capture 99 objects, a reference to the most beautiful names of the Divine (Allah SWT). A multifaceted and reflexive portrait of the Muslim diaspora in NSW, ‘moments in waiting’ will invite us to rethink and reflect on what is sacred, and how this intersects with notions of memory, history, migration and the generational diasporic experience.

We are seeking members of Muslim communities and individuals across Greater Sydney who hold rare objects they consider sacred. These objects may be family heirlooms passed down from generations, acquired in the homeland, or recently and locally made objects that hold a spiritual significance. If you or someone you know has an object that fits this description and would like to share its history, please contact us at Chosen participants will be paid a stipend to participate in the project, which may include a preliminary interview and one day of filming at their home.

Thank you for considering sharing your stories with us. Please contact: